The danish Don of noise CP plays a solo set 25th August at Underwerket.

Harsh Noise, radical performances, live painting and Eerie Soundscapes in your face.

”Northern Noise” Is a Hub for all experimental musicians and soundartists from all genres. A common ground for those that seek to break out of their tabu’s and stigma’s, and move into a radical and eccentric state of expression rather than limiting themselfes to “music”. We have noisers from the worlds of the Electroacoustic, Hardcore, Jazz & so forth… including performance, live-painting & other inputs.

In August we will have the honour of presenting this selection of Northern Noise Artists;

Legion of Swine (UK) –
half man/half pig/pseudo Swedish scientist noise drone action

Noise Against Fascism (SWE) –
Harsh noise improvisations on no input mixer, signal feedback and home-trashed electronics fueled by political anger. A violent non-violent tool of resistance.

IO Megaji (US) –
(Kat Steih) is a performance artist specializing in humorous / intense situations. Blending underground theater and musical performance. She composes her own 20-minute musical narratives and then takes the audience on a journey. A journey into something fun, meaningful, touching, and/or just downright wild.

Claus poulsen (DK) –
The Danish Don of Noise

Syrehvalpen (DK) –
Freaky voodoo performance based on controlled chaos and anti-preperations

Live painters;
“Thomas Jacobsen” (Painting with coal)
“Nargiz Galib Andersen” (Painting with Ink)
alongside “Charlie Parker” (Painting with Blood)

arranged by Copenhagen Acid Puppies.

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