Starry Womb Ambient solo cassette out on Dokuro 15. January 2018.

Four tracks, C40 cassette released on italian label Dokuro DK071
The main part of the album was recorded live 29. october 2017.
Instruments / sound sources: c-bow, turntable, largo synth, field recordings, processing, bonsai tree

Sound production, cover art, performance by CP
Special thanks to Michael Gaardsøe (booking) and Nikolaj Falko (title)

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Reviewed in VitalWeekly
“The music Italian Dokuro releases is usually to be found in what we could loosely term as ‘noise’, be it very loud, or somewhat quiet and subdued, but what Claus Poulsen has to offer is certainly best be described as ‘very quiet’…..and that brings us four lengthy pieces here of some very quiet, minimally expanding soundscapes. There is on the first part of the title piece the meandering of a guitar, almost like a good ol’ hippie. This is very ambient and very, very good. The other side opens with “Reflections’ and here there is a sampled rhythm, but all the electronic components operate still in a very ambient fashion. Much of Poulsen’s work with Small Things On Sundays remind me of zoviet*france, but in Starry Womb’ I must admit I have the same feeling. Some of the sound continue on and on, while others drop by, develop and disappear again, all in a seemingely undisturbed long flow. This is absolutely gorgeous music, slow, peaceful, meandering and spacious. ”

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