Fell Into Summer ’18 CP will play a solo set on the C-Bow at the ´two-day festival at Blågården, 14. july 2018.

fell into

Fell into deeper – summer flavors like forgotten ice cream flavors and vinyl records, tapes, hot emotions and new sounds and never forgetting to experiment with your local Blågården DIY centre, culture and expressions of everything.

Insula Awakenings 11-12
Ambient & Te (top of Korsgadehallen)13-16
Blågårdsplads 16-19
Inside Støberiet (Blågårds plads) 19-03

For the first time, CP will play a concert ONLY using his self-invented C-Bow, which is a cymbal played with a bass bow, using extended techniques. On the samme occasion, the newest solo tape  “Make a Jazz Noise Here” featuring solo improvisation on the C-Bow is released on Insula Jazz.


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