Poulsen & Procter cassette Minimum // Maximum is released on Craneal Fracture 4. July 2018.

ScanPoulsen & Procter -Minimum // Maximum
C-60 cassette released july 2018
Craneal Fracture Records 098
Cover by José Murcia
Mix and edit by Claus Poulsen

The duo is a meeting between Claus Poulsen – electronic / experimental musician from Copenhagen and Dave Procter – noise musician / performance artist from Leeds. They have collaborated since 2015, creating and playing what they call “industrial noisedrone”, which is a departure from their normal solo practices. With a debut release and several well-appreciated shows under their belt, they now release their second tape, the hour-long “Minimum // Maximum” on the Spanish label Craneal Fracture. As the title suggests, the drone moves between the two extremes. Two particularly enjoyable improvisations are chosen for the album – side A is recorded live at Chunk, Leeds, 13. February 2018 and side B at studio Skrat, 12. January 2018. No overdubs, edits kept to a minimum.

Claus Poulsen – C-Bow, SK-1, processing, monotron
Dave Procter – live processing, field recordings

Get the tape at the label: https://cranealfracturerecords.bandcamp.com/



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