Make a Jazz Noise Here Solo tape featuring recordings on the C-Bow released 14. July 2018 on Insula Jazz.

… a release that presents CP’s self-invented instrument the c-bow. It is a cymbal played with a bass bow, using extended tecniques. Listening to it, it is very hard to determine if it is a wind, string, keyboard or percussion instrument, but often sounds like saxophone, trombone or trumpet. The 34 minutes album is made up of 16 short tracks presenting the versatility of the instrument. It ranges from saxophone-sounding leads, powerful low notes and super fast minimalism. Effects are used on 3 tracks widening the palette further (jazz-synth bass, soundscape and distortion). The musical inspiration is Coltrane, Gustafsson, Brötzmann and Johs.

Check it out at my Bandcamp – listen / buy download or cassette:

Solo improvisations recorded february – june 2018
CP – C-bow, sound production and cover painting
Joachip – mastering
KLD repro – design
Released 14. July 2018 on Insula Jazz
Limited edition (100 copies) C34 cassette

“Holy shit!!! That’s extraordinary. Like a swarm of bees trapped inside an electric cello. How on earth did you get that sound?” – Kevin Godley

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