Insula årsbånd 2018 at the Lake Radio The mixtape of 2018 releases includes CP track, airs on 7. February 2019.

The mixtape of Insula Music and Insla Jazz releases from 2018 is edited by CP.
Includes the track “fast lane” from the CP album “Make a Jazz Noise Here”.

The mixtape airs at The Lake Radio thursday 7. february 8 PM and friday 8. february at 2 PM.

It is now available at the Lakes soundcloud page

Artists include: Spite Cathedral, Yngel, Roberto Bordiga, Yes Deer, Danny Denial, Insidious Dog City, Jooklo Duo & Mette Rasmussen,  Lotte Anker / Craig Taborn / Gerald Cleaver and Cardinaux / Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen.




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