Solaris cassette The duo of Dave Procter and CP goes to inner space on their new cassette, released 6. november 2019 on OJUD.

Dave Procter (UK/SE) is a busy travelling and touring musician, often dropping by CP’s Studio Skrat in Copenhagen, which inevitably led to the two making music together. The duo concentrates on long form noisedrone, using laptops to manipulate field recordings, pedals, synthesizer, tapes, amplified objects and feedback.

Their fourth album “Solaris” will be released 6. November on cassette by OJUD. The album was recorded in 2017 and 2019. This time synthethic drones and manipulated magnetic fields on the brink of resonating takes the duo on a journey far into space!

Cover art and sound production by CP.

PP releases

“PP” cassette, OJUD 060, february 2017 listen / download
“Minimum // Maximum” cassette, Craneal Fracture 098, july 2018 listen / download
“Music for neighbours” digital, OJUD, march 2019 listen / download

PP live

16. June 2017 – Frank, Malmö
23. January 2018 – Multiversal IV, 5e, Copenhagen
13. February 2018 – Hogwash, Chunk, Leeds
6. April 2019 – Nonfigurativ musikk, Tønsberg

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