Fictions in the age of reason New CD and cassette release by the duo of Stuart Chalmers and CP. Released 30. november 2019.

Claus Poulsen & Stuart Chalmers present this utterly mesmerising collection of self-styled fifth world compositions on their second album together – “Fictions in the age of reason”. It brings luscious, expansive aural vistas to the fore that envelop and consume you.  With a powerful emotional pull that is sometimes quite overwhelming, whilst simultaneously delicate, this fifth world is truly one to get lost in, and you may find yourself listening on repeat in order to retain that high of the first listen. Whilst there are nods to the likes of John Hassel and Brian Eno’s work within, as well as a sense of nostalgic melancholy at times reminiscent of Boards Of Canada’s best material, ultimately this really is it’s own singular beast and should be taken as such.

Released 30. november on CD and cassette by Aphelion Editions

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