Selected Aphelion Works Vol. I & II CP track on double compilation set, released on CD and cassette by UK label Aphelion Editions 3. august 2020.


This 21-track sprawling 2 hour epic has been a long time coming and is the culmination of numerous friendships forged over the years through touring, promoting shows, running the label and attending events, both local and international. It brings together myriad strands from Aphelion’s beginnings as an organiser of niche underground concerts in Bristol through to its present focus as a label producing limited runs of cassettes and cd-rs in bespoke hand-crafted packaging.

For me, personally, it’s something of a love letter to the network of talented, generous and compassionate people that exists and thrives within the vital musical underground that runs throughout europe, the uk and well beyond, and that has helped and continues to help this label to find and develop its own sense of purpose and identity.



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