Claus Poulsen is a danish musician and producer who works with laptop, turntables, synths, electronics, field recordings, amplified objects and other sound sources. His output can sit anywhere within the blurred boundaries between ambient, avantgarde, noise and (rarely) pop.

As a solo artist, CP is currently working with a number of concepts: bowing vinyl records, traveller’s recordplayer, bonzai tree and “Children of the Stars” experiments with sampled voices of children. His journey as an artist is very much an on-going process and he prefers to experiment with sound and texture in an improvised fashion, with a goal of gradually honing his craft and covering new and uncharted territory. He runs the label Skrat Records and makes cover art.

CP performs and makes releases solo and in a number of collaborations: improv-trio CAM (Since 2009), dark ambient duo Small Things on Sundays (since 2007), lo-fi space explorations with Star Turbine (Since 2011) and experimental ambient with Carbon Copy (since 2015).

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