Næsten, men ikke helt, ødelagt guitar The trio of CP and Søren Raagaard plus different guests have been working with graphic notation and almost broken guitars since 2011.


Næsten, men ikke helt, ødelagt guitar (almost, but not entirely, destroyed guitar) is the idea of playing totally free on an acoustic guitar. Any method of squeezing sounds out of the instrument is allowed. One must never play a guitar worth more then 100 DKK.
The performances are always 12 minutes long and we are using graphic partiture as a frame for the performance.
Næsten, men ikke helt, ødelagt guitar is a trio consisting of Søren Raagaard and ClausPoulsen and a new guest guitarist for every performance.

20. august 2011 Maximum Riis, Mayhem  guest: Jørgen Teller
25. february 2012 Mayhem  guest: Henrik Lind-Jensen
15. february 2014 Mayhem  guest: Yann Coppier
30. august 2014 Menneskefest  guest: Kasper Schultz
12. november 2015 Destruction night, Mayhem  guest: Johan Segerberg
8. july 2017 Den Røde Lade, Hårbølle


almost studio


uden tunge

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