Reality Diver Debut album by The Soft Capture - new duo of Andreas Wetterberg and CP released on Drone Works International 5. march 2021.

Even though the members have known each other for a long time, they only started producing music together recently. The first session was a challenge to find new musical expression liveprocessing a single sound source – the zither. It turned out to work very easily, and became the main part of Reality Diver, finishing off the production and additional recordings seperately. Mainly toned down, the album’s minimal and harmonic soundscapes becomes very organic where the live played instrument merges with the electronic layers. Some arpeggios, chords and instrument noises come and go during the eight tracks, varying from one to seventeen minutes. Released march 2021 by Drone Works International.


One track is available on the DWI vol. 4 compilation released december 2020.

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