No one knows! Cassette release by the the duo of Tomo Jacobson and CP plus a music video released 3. august 2021.

“No one knows” out on Noise Pelican from Florida. Two years ago, I wanted to check out Tomo’s custom bass bow, but fortunately, he also brought his bass and we started playing – double bass with very extended techniques and clausophone (bowed cymbal and effects). After a few concerts and a lockdown, our recordings are finally available!

Tomo Jacobson – double bass
Claus Poulsen – bowed cymbal, pedals, sound and video production
Animation by Flyttefilm A/S

Tomo Jacobson is a Polish-born double bass player based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He focuses his efforts on free improv and other creative musics. With over two dozen albums to his credit, he is mostly known for the projects he is a leader, or co-leader to, namely MOONBOW, MOUNT MEANDER, IL SOGNO, or WOOD ORGANIZATION as well his solo double bass work, and free improv encounters with acclaimed musicians.Tomo has been very fortunate to perform with the greats like John Tchicai, Andrew D’Angelo, Lotte Anker, Mat Maneri, Adam Rudolph, Rasul Siddik, P.O. Jørgens, Frank Gratkowski, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Sun Araw, Mikołaj Trzaska, Michael Blake, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Jacob Anderskov, Kresten Osgood, Hugh Steinmetz, Søren Kjaergaard, Torben Snekkested, Jesper Zeuthen, and many others.

Tomo is also an active music life curator and organizer in Copenhagen. Most notably he was a founder of the yearly Freedom Music Festival, which was focused on solo and duo free improvised concerts. He graduated with a master degree from the prestigious Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium in Copenhagen. He has also been studying musicology at the University of Warsaw, Poland.





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