How do you like your noise? 15th solo album released on Dret Skivor 3. September 2021.

On his 15th solo album “How do you like your noise ?”, Claus Poulsen serves up a menu of different moods, styles and volumes. His main instrument for the last two years, the zither, is the heart of the album, but with the custom-tuned strings picked, poked and bowed in many ways as well as different sound processing is used. Play loud or not at all. Sound sources: zither, dictaphone, pedals, acoustic laptop, no-input distortion pedal, 200 RPM turntable, found sounds, guitar. Special thanks to Søren Raagaard for title and Øyvind Hellner for acoustic laptop. C30 cassette released by Dret Skivor September 2021

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