Scandinavian Music Survey "Anthology Of Electronic Music From Scandinavia" (200 limited edition CD) curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella, released by Unexplained Sounds Group, 5. november 2021.

by Unexplained Sounds Group

“Anthology Of Electronic Music From Scandinavia” (200 limit. ed cd)…/anthology…

curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella (SONOLOGYST)
Featuring: Lars Bröndum, Jarko Mikael Hedenius, Claus Poulsen, Andreas Karperyd, Thomas Narverud, David Bengtsson, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Øystein Jørgensen, Castana, Havdis, Untermensch, Jurko Altuu.
The electronic music emanating from the Scandinavian region encompasses a vast universe and has a long tradition behind it. In 1964 the electronic music studio EMS in Stockholm opened as a conventional analogue studio, its primary intention being to build the world’s most advanced hybrid studio and to conduct an international research program into sound and sound perception. Since then the Scandinavian electronic music scene has continued to flourish decade upon decade, culminating in the most recent ambient and minimalistic sound shapes. This is an appropriate tribute to an experimental electronic music scene that is still evolving and growing, and as such the Unexplained Sounds network will continue to chart its ever-expanding boundaries as the future unfolds.

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