Claus Poulsen – solo artist and serial collaborator – has been part of the electronic and experimental scene in Copenhagen since the nineties. His music projects span across genres such as ambient, noise and freejazz, often blending lo-fi and hi-fi elements and acoustic sounds with electronic. Since the lockdown, the Zither has become the main focus, exploring new ways to play the instrument in combination with electronics and tools.

CP works both solo and in collaborations and is highly active releasing cassettes, CDs and vinyl (on labels such as Insula Jazz, Soundholes, Kornmod, Grisaille, Krater Recordings, Attenuation Circuit, Invisible City, Chocolate Monk) and tours frequently in Denmark and Europe.

In the formative years, CP learned to play multiple instruments (but no wind instruments or singing), played in several bands and learned music production. In the mid-nineties, CP dropped out of formal music making and formed the sound-ensemble Alarm112, who worked with research in noise, improvisation, casualism and multimedia. Continued with a number of different projects exploring electronic music, ambient, freejazz and noise. Solo work has been a priority since 2018, since the lockdown the focus has been on playing the zither in tandem with electronics, tapes and vinyl. CP also produces cover art and video.



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“This is absolutely gorgeous music, slow, peaceful, meandering and spacious.” Vital Weekly.