Vemodigt Anslag Med Bælgvante The duo of Henrik Yeller and CP plays at Elværket (Helsingore) on friday 17. december and at Harsh noise Copenhagen action december 2021 day 3, Mayhem, 19. december 2021.

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Henrik Yeller has duplicated my zither setup for our upcoming duo gigs. Harsh Noise Copenhagen ACTION day 3 19. december at Mayhem – changed to a livestreamed no-audience concert:

Scandinavian Music Survey "Anthology Of Electronic Music From Scandinavia" (200 limited edition CD) curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella, released by Unexplained Sounds Group, 5. november 2021.

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ELECTRONIC MUSIC FROM SCANDINAVIA by Unexplained Sounds Group “Anthology Of Electronic Music From Scandinavia” (200 limit. ed cd)…/anthology… curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella (SONOLOGYST) Featuring: Lars Bröndum, Jarko...

Muscle Memory released! Official release of the Kevin Godley album, with CP contributing the music on one track, 17. december 2020.

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Order CD: Listen at spotify: About “Hit the street”: “A superbly reflective and melancholic number with piano and trumpet unfolding this tale of isolation, pain and loneliness that is...

Blind Man’s Band releases 2016-2019 Short list of releases - cassette and download

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Surviving Flies cassette, Insula Jazz 025 april 2019* a-v-12-10-18 download Attenuation Circuit ACP 1182, december 2018 Blind Man’s Band cassette, Insula Jazz december 2016*   Christian Rønn –...