Solo releases 2010 – 2022 List of 15 album releases on CD, LP, cassette and download plus ep's and compilation appearances.


How do you like your noise? Dret Skivor DRET 009, september 2021
ønsk cassette, Forlaget Kornmod FK43, march 2021
Real angels singing caught on tape cassette and CD, Aphelion Editions APHELION018-CD / MC, nov 20
Uno Orange split tape with Nodolby, Illuminated paths IP-556, february  2019
Pisco’s morning
cassette, Pataphysical Circuits PAT 101, september 2018  check it out at MC
Make a jazz noise here cassette, Insula Jazz 20, 14. july 2018  check it out at bandcamp
BBBlood  split tape, cassette, Soundholes #069,  june 2018
Delicate Monsters
cassette, Know Your Enemy KNOW 17, february 2018
Starry Womb cassette, Dokuro DK071, 15. january 2018  listen on
Splinter chamber cassette, Skrat Records skr-020, february 2016
Shattered reality cassette, Insula Music, february 2015
Collected dreams cassette, Skrat Records skr-016, february 2015
Yellow Machine cassette, Metaphysical Circuit, june 2014
Pressure Point CD single, Sheepscar Light Industrial SLO.027, june 2014
Flat world cassette, Beartown, may 2014
Ducks Crossing  splittape with Java Delle, TTTT 42, february 2014
Electric lobby
cassette, Matching Head MH 192, february 2013
Terrestrial 3″ CD bbox, Striate Cortex S. C. 51, september 2012
The wonderful world of… Wbaum Elektrolyt MONO006 LP / CD,  january 2010


May putin rotin hell incl CP Louder than sunshine, Noise Against Fascism, march 2022
Scandinvaian survey Compilation CD, Unexplained sounds group, november 2021
Dret Sampler incl. CP machines 2 and 4, December 2020
Selected Aphelion Works vol. I + II, Aphelion Editions 2CD / 2CS, august 2020
En Samling af Ny Dansk Musik incl. CP ”Quest”, 2x tape compilation, Pladeselvskab 20,  july 2019
Liquido Ambient mix #124, february 2019  listen
Insula Årsbånd incl CP “Fast lane”. The Lake radio, february 2019  Listen
Pattern abuse compilation vol.2: Nordic ambient, CP “the ambient bath”, january 2019  listen on spotify
Monochrome Visions (For Dmitry Vasiljev) CP “Night raven”, Korm digitaal, september 2018
Fell into summer 2018 sampler, CP “M hop”, cassette, Twirly Industries #5, july 2018
I never metaphysical I didn’t like. CP track Metaphysical Circuits, march 2018
Brace yourself for elimination, incl CP “1111”, CDR, Gold Soundz gs#131, february 2017
Metaphysical world pieces #4 download, december 2016
4 tracks double floppydisc, Diskette Etikette DER 038, february 2016
Dive compilation cassette, Infinite waves, may 2015
1 minute autohypnosis CD27  march 2015
Exercises in futility CD, Gold Soundz, february 2015
Metaphysical World Pieces #2 download, october 2013

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