Scandinavian Music Survey "Anthology Of Electronic Music From Scandinavia" (200 limited edition CD) curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella, released by Unexplained Sounds Group, 5. november 2021.

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ELECTRONIC MUSIC FROM SCANDINAVIA by Unexplained Sounds Group “Anthology Of Electronic Music From Scandinavia” (200 limit. ed cd)…/anthology… curated and mastered by Raffaele Pezzella (SONOLOGYST) Featuring: Lars Bröndum, Jarko...

Muscle Memory released! Official release of the Kevin Godley album, with CP contributing the music on one track, 17. december 2020.

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Order CD: Listen at spotify: About “Hit the street”: “A superbly reflective and melancholic number with piano and trumpet unfolding this tale of isolation, pain and loneliness that is...

Blind Man’s Band releases 2016-2019 Short list of releases - cassette and download

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Surviving Flies cassette, Insula Jazz 025 april 2019* a-v-12-10-18 download Attenuation Circuit ACP 1182, december 2018 Blind Man’s Band cassette, Insula Jazz december 2016*   Christian Rønn –...