Hands on (Voidtronica Chapter Two) Second release by the duo of Michele Scariot and CP out on Chocolate Monk 28. january 2024.

“Hands On” is the second work of experimental musician Claus Poulsen from Denmark and Italian improviser and noise performer Michele Scariot (aka Nodolby). It is the second exploration of what the two call Voidtronica. The method is to meet and record without either one knowing what instruments the other will bring, free improvisation and no overdubs or mixing. The recording session was held in Copenhagen during a break of the SUPERNOISE 2023 festival, where both musicians participated with their personal projects.

“The music is as direct and intense as it is supposed to be. At times, the music appears chaotic, but it (also!) contains a surprising amount of organisation, typical of people who have been doing this for some time and have a firm grasp of what their machines can do. The final two pieces … have this level of control and are beautifully creepy.”
The newly released Poulsen / Scariot CD gets a good review in Vital Weekly……. read all about it here:




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