Star Turbine releases 2011-22 From 2011 to 2022 Star Turbine released 24 albums and appeared on a number of compilations and split releases.

Dark Spectrum cassette, Grubenwehr Freiburg GW/FR:31, october 2022
Failure is an Orphan cassette, Mid-day Massage Parlor 018, january 2022
Space Ragas cassette, Steep gloss SG03, januar 2020  bandcamp
The stars are aligned cassette, Skrat Records skr-023,  januar 202  bandcamp
The Great Distortion cassette + CD, Aphelion Editions APHELION007-CD / -K7 Feb 2018  check it out at the label
Night Sky Isolation cassette, Invisible City Records ICR 31, june 2017 check it out at Invisible City
Mass Illusion cassette, Matching Head MH 223, march 2017
Nothing should move unless you want it to CD, Frozen Light, september 2016 check it out at the label
Space Chapel cassette, Craneal Fracture CR073, July 2016
Friction Ceremony cassette, Skrat Records skr.019, February 2016
Star Turbine / Animal Machine
split CDR, KIF Recordings kifrec-111, April 2015
White lines across the void cassette, Discombobulate BOB004, February 2015
Alterations CDR, Skrat Records skr-016, February 2015
Sandwich Music CDR, Attenuation Circuit ACLE 1010, November 2014
Fuse Editions 002: Star Turbine cassette, Fuse Editions 002, July 2014
Nundungeon split CDR, Gold Soundz gs#122, March 2014
The K Theory cassette, Black Horizons BH-60, October 2013
Emissions cassette, Dokuro DK 42, October 2013
Star Turbine / García & Vuksic split cassette, A Beard of Snails ABOS4-137, August 2013
Inner space / outer space CDR, Attenuation Circuit ACC 1011, July 2013
Live in the UK 2012 cassette, Hold Da Keft Tapes 001, March 2013
Altitude  cassette, Sonic Meditations SM050, March 2013
Space Habitat cassette, Koppklys #013, November 2012
UK tour floppy disc Diskette etikette DEREX005, October 2012
Broken chords & brittle melodies CDR, Skrat Records skr-010, October 2012
The Sleeping Land cassette, Radiodrone RD07,  May 2012
Gravity cassette, Sonic Meditations SM044, April 2012
Equilibrium mini CDR box, Striate Cortex S.C. 44, December 2011


Machine room, Observation point vol. 3, Dirty demos, may 2022
Threatening robotic hum on Hymén region 7, april 2021
Lucky day Evolution sound chaos cut theory, december 2020
Evil Eye at Soundroom @ Gateshead No-audience underground tapes 42, march 2018
Nature vs Technology download, KIF recordings, December 2016
Abstract Ambience, Institure for alien research, April 2014
Metaphysical World Pieces #1, Metaphysical Circuits, July 2013
Imputed, Attenuation Circuit, download, April 2013
Four elements: Fire, GV sound GV-141 download, august 2012
Signalvoid, download / USB, august 2012

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