Gravity has no right to define up and down Debut CD by Eardrops - new collaboration between CP and german sound artist EMERGE - released by Krater Recordings 5. may 2023

Our allies from audiophob/Krater Recordings just released this little gem:
Eardrops started on a sunny sunday evening in Augsburg with Claus Poulsen (Blind Man’s Band / solo) and Sascha Stadlmeier (Emerge / BuddA) improvising together, using zither, violin, electronics and field recordings. They concentrate on melodic and minimal soundscapes that classify as ambient, but with a droney, experimental edge, setting eardrops apart from the members’ other musical projects.
Eardrops builds images for the inner mind, taking the listener away from daily life into unknown territories. Although the music has a peaceful atmosphere at first glance, delicate layers in the deep evoke feelings of something dark and unsettling.”

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